Preteeth AI

The better understanding,
the higher case acceptance rate


Our mission is to increase dentints' case acceptance

90% of treatment plans are rejected by patients. Even the most gifted dentist, with best equipment, is completely worthless until the patient says "yes" to their treatment.


How Preteeth AI works

An easy way to preview the treatment outcome

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Step 01

Simply take a picture of your patient

Step 02

Choose the treatment options

Step 03

Easy to show, easy to compare!

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AI Tooth System

End-to-end solution: make prediction happen

After previewing the treatment outcome,
AIDirect provides an AI Tooth Filling System
for dentists to enhance the efficiency of
treatment by increasing the accuracy 
in color and shape of the teeth filling.


A real case

Perfect smile happened in one afternoon by using AI Tooth Filling System


Spacing tooth

Import photo and intra-oral scan


Filling prediction
with AI algorithm

Natural filling
Perfect smile



Esthetic composite resin can mimic the complicate appearance of natural tooth with various color and translucency. With AIDirect's algorithm, a perfect match of materials will be recommended.

Minimal invasive

Using the composite resin is a conservative way to rehabilitate your charming smile. Materials are added on the surface of your teeth with adhesion technology instead of cutting of the tooth surface.


It only takes one afternoon to accomplish the treatment with the aid of AIDirect's AI Algorithm and Customized Filling Guide. It's a both time-saving and precise way to give you a perfect smile.



AIDirect creates a resin database to make orthodontics treatment look better

Esthetic dentistry has become a trend in recent years. AIDirect combines medical expertise with AI algorithms to provide patients with customized "micro-ortho" solutions, which is expected to become a new choice for people besides orthodontics and ceramic veneers.

AIDirect won the highest honor in the FITI program

AIDirect won the "Entrepreneurship Excellence Award" in the "FITI Program", the biggest startup competition held by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2020. AIDirect uses AI algorithms to predict the correct color and shape for tooth filling material. AIDirect launches a painless and efficient solution to target the esthetics dentistry market.

AIDirect was presenting their ideas to Stan Shih, the Co-founder of Acer inc.

The start-up team AIDirect just take away the NT$2 million funding from the “From IP to IPO (FITI) Program". Team members HsiaoYang Liu, Darong Liu and Yizhen Chen was explaining their strat-up ideas with Stan Shih, the Co-founder and Honorary Chairman of Acer Inc.


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